We are happy about anyone who would like to contribute to our project! :-)

Testers are always welcome. Just use the software on your system and give us feedback about bugs, unexpected behaviour, or features you would like to have. Please refer to the contact section for details and always include information about the operating system you use (which Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.).

Translators can download a list of words and sentences that come up the software and translate it into any language they sufficiently speak. Please download this file, translate as much as you can and e-mail the result to us. It is important, that you keep the formatting and only translate things following the = sign, otherwise your translation is unusable!

Developers (Java) can check out the code at the sourceforge project site via SVN. Please contact us, if you would like to make changes or additions to the code, we can then grant you writing access to the repository (include your sourceforge account-nickname).

Thank you

Jörg Straube (Testing/MacOS)
Christian Krause (Development)
Markus Schmidt (Develompment/IO)
Veronica Gaute Montes (Translation/Spanish)
jonasbjork (Testing/Bugfix)
dnylander (Translation/Swedish)
Rainer (Testing) Logo