The latest release of Neki++ is available for download at For infomation about the current release please refer to the release notes and the readme.txt, included in the zip-archive. There are two zip-archives downloadable for every release:

Here are some installation hints for both

If you have Feedback and Feature Requests, please take a look at the bottom of the page.

For first time installation

  1. Because Neki++ is written in the platform-independent programming language Java, you need to have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. To check if this is the case on your computer, just go the the Sun-website and click "Verify Installtion". The website will tell you, if you have a JRE installed. If not, just follow the instructions on the website. JRE is downloadable for free.
  2. Download the Neki[version].zip archive. Go to the zip-file and extract it into a folder (it is strongly recommended to create a folder, because Neki++ will create some more files in this folder). You will see a file called readme.txt, neki.jar and a version of the General Public Licence (GPL).
  3. Double click on the neki.jar file. The program will start. A settings-file, a profile and a data folder will be created. Alternatively, type into a shell $ java -jar Neki.jar
  4. Connect your iPod to your computer. You can use the "Auto Synchronization" option to automatically load your run-data in the program. For everything else: Just experiment, Neki++ is still in a beta-status.

There is nothing actually installed on your computer, if you decide you don't need Neki++ any more, just delete the folder and Neki++ is deleted.

Update Neki++

To find out, if there is a new update available, you can use the integrated Check for updates item in the About menu. This checks, if your version is the latest, if not, you can download the latest version from Sourceforge.

We try to keep the additional Neki++ data compatible from version to version. Sometimes, we include new features which make more elaborate meta-data neccessary, but usually, you should still be able to use the meta-data from the last version with the next one. It should be fine if you replace the old Neki.jar file with the new one and your profile and all your stored run-data should be recognized automatically.

Feedback and Feature Requests

We are very curious to find out if you like Neki++! Since there is not automatical bug-report-feature included (Neki++ doesn't phone home ;-)) we rely on your comments and bug-reports. If you experience any problems or would like a special feature - just contact us. Logo