Neki++ is Open Source software. With Neki++ you can manage your runs from your iPod nano/Nike+ Sports Kit. This software can read the data from the iPod and both display and store it locally on your computer. You can add additional data such as the weather, your route, pulse etc. An evaluation and comparison of serveral runs is possible.

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It took quite a while, but a new release of Neki++ is now available: Version 0.908 has been published these days. We received serveral requests from the US and Neki++ is now able to display the units in either the metric system (km and m, date format: DD-MM-YY) or the American system (miles and MM-DD-YY).
The new version of Neki++ has a new face: The Welcome-Panel has now some real functionality, and there is also a bugfix for the calendar. Download it here: Version 0.903
There is a new version of Neki++ available at Sourceforge: Version 0.902 has language support for Swedish, contributed by dnylander and a bugfix for the import of rundata from Swedish iPods, contributed by jonasbjork. Thank you very much to the two! :-) We have also edited the Goal Panel, it now only marks a goal as "completed" if your run of that day satisfies the entered criteria (duration or distance of the run). For those who are updating from an ealier version: Check out the hints on the Download section.
Voila, the latest version of Neki++: release 0.901. It contains a new feature: The Goal Panel. You can now set yourself goals (for example a certain number of runs in a month, certain distances or durations), and Neki++ will automatically keep track of your progress!
It has been some time since we made the last release, but this new version fixes some bugs we discovered. The changes are rather minor, you can read more about them in the changelog. So here it is, version 0.810 of neki++.
We released the third version of Neki++, it is available for download now. We included the language file for Spanish and several color schemes can be selected in the 0.809 version, take a look at them in the screenshot section. Shoes, routes and categories are saved in seperate files now, so they can easily be swapped.
Version 0.808 has been released. The file can be downloaded from the download section at sourceforge. There have been some changes: runs from December and January are now displayed correctly in the overview-tab, the colors of the month-bars have been edited and it is now possible to create/edit/delete routes, shoes and categories.
We found tranlators for Dutch and Spanish. You will find a notice here, when the language files have been tested and will be included in a future release. If you could contribute by translating Neki++ to your mothertongue, please contact us!
The first public release (ver0.802) of Neki++ is available for download at sourceforge.net. This is an alpha-version, not all features are working and you should only test this version if you are familiar with your computer.
Initial idea for this project. We did not like the idea to upload our data to an internet platform and decided to create our own software.
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